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Week's Tweets for  2012-05-27

Tweets are in reverse order (start at the bottom, they make better sense that way)

  • @abbelupe day time treks :) join to see our current list of hikes. There's more coming! #
  • Learned this weekend: Where there's smoke, there's fire. Unless I'm tending the pit. Then there's just smoke. #
  • @TheHoads origin as in geographic location? Sometimes. Important? Yes. We like to buy local whenever possible. #
  • Dance Moms has become my guiltiest of pleasures. The kids are so GOOD and the moms so … ugh… bad. #
  • I'm thinking it's already time to put the A/C in the window(s). This moisture in the air makes everything sticky & hard to breath. #blah #
  • @DJNoRequest where are you from? The humid heat doesn't affect you enough to want to get a/c again? #
  • @DJNoRequest I admire your ability to handle the humidity along with the heat. I'm a big wussy, lol. 71 degrees and I'm thinking about a/c. #
  • Breakfast at the boot and buckle. Not exactly hitting the spot. #ohwell #
  • #blah wicked tired today. It's gotta be this weather. #
  • @storyschool interesting poem #
  • @ChrisCavs sounds like fun! #
  • The only actor more likely to give me the willies, than Malcovich, is Christopher Walken. That guy just creeps me *right* the heck out. #
  • Just watched my youngest cat wrestle her new cat toy straight off the edge of the bed. Full body roll-over. #
  • @iNils #AnthonyHopkins is great… Have you seen him in The Edge? #AlecBaldwin #FTW – It's not appreciated enough, imho. #
  • @CELeighton @inils lol I saw a still shot of it. Couldn't bring myself to see it in action. #shudder #
  • For the record, I'd rather be camping right now & that's the straight-up truth of the matter. Tent. Stars. Hiking trails. I'm in. Let's go. #
  • True Story – STBX ran out of Venti lids so they put my frappucino in a Trenti cup. Kinda feelin' like it's my lucky day. #LivingLarge #
  • Honestly, I'm no fan of opera singing, but these America's Got Talent contestants absolutely mesmerize me. #
  • June Bugs. They sound like mid sized rocks hitting our screens at night. #
  • Oldest cat did a total faceplant into 2nd floor window screen chasing a June bug. Got her claw stuck in the screen. #optimism #hunter #

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