Popcorn Cheating

Week's Tweets for  2012-06-03

Tweets are in reverse order (start at the bottom, they make better sense that way)


  • Knowing – really Knowing – even years later, it wasn't just 'the right thing to do', it was the *only* thing to do. #ThatsTheBestFeeling #
  • It's perfect weather outside today. Have the fan on and have been super productive. #
  • Ok. That commercial with theguy and his wickedly dialated eyes? Couldn't be more creepy. It's distractingly… creepy. #
  • Why… Am I attracted to "River Monsters"? It sounds like something I wouldn't watch. But once I turn it on, *don't* change the channel! #
  • Skydiving accident sends 1 to hospital? Really? ? Not "holy sh*t! Extra Extra Read All About It! Someone survived a skydiving accident!" ?? #
  • If we don't get a thunderstorm tomorrow, like the standard weather app that comes on my iPhone says, I'm gonna be SO not happy. #truth #
  • Hubby makes the movie popcorn, which is great, but… I just realized.. I think he eats mine while waiting for his to finish popping. #hm #
  • @talldrinkowater no kidding! lol it said yesterday that today it would be raining. I got up to completely clear blue skies and wicked sun. #
  • @jelehr it's a captivating show! #
  • When I'm tired I secretly wish I had what Richie Rich had.. All those hands to floss & brush my teeth for me, and stuff. #
  • iPhone weather app said it was going to rain & T-storm today. It's bright, sunny, and there are about 4 clouds in the sky. #WrongoAgain #
  • Accident 295North before Bowdoinham exit (37?). Car down over embankment, bring hauled up. Traffic blocked. #
  • I just completed a General for 09:53 and 0.64 mi using @MapMyHike. Check out my route! http://t.co/JaA4jNK2 #
  • Post morning half-mile hoof :) http://t.co/0VRNJqIb #
  • Been without Internet all day. It started getting old about an hour ago. Restlessness has set in. #
  • Wowzers. Mystery Diagnosis. #omg #
  • @talldrinkowater did this happen to you? Oh my? #
  • Watching North Woods Law, which I thought was all up North in the deep woods of Maine but this episode is right over in Mount Vernon. #
  • Still no Internet. Watching North Woods Law. Next door neighbor is a game warden. Hoping to see some more familiar faces. #
  • I see Master and Commander on the DirecTV Guide, and I gotta say, it's sounding like a good way to end the evening. #
  • I wanted chocolate truffle cake for dessert but that didn't happen. SO. You can find me pouting over this Chocolate Mousse Cake. Life's Hard #
  • Still. No. Internet. I'm about t'bust a chump. I ain't even lyin'. #
  • pff to these individual bags of popcorn for a single person. It takes 2 & a half to make a regular sized bag. #
  • @nekogirl1 Interwebs be damned. The thing hasn't worked all day. Good thing I have my phone. #
  • @nekogirl1 the whole thing got me pondering the impending doom of a zombie apocalypse. We'd off each other for Internet B4 we would 4 food. #
  • @AubinThomas @blackgirlinmain it's quiet hours! Tell that guy t'can it! ;) #
  • @Jessabelle2o7 hahaha sorry, but, WOW that cracked me up. Good call though. Standards are a must. ;) #
  • I like spelling. Spelling bees. And stuff like that. #
  • @nekogirl1 I haven't had a hot dog in so long. Even before I went veggie this last time. Kept thinking about "The Jungle"… Bad mental pix. #
  • @nekogirl1 6 or so years this last time. No end in sight. :) #
  • @nekogirl1 @jesus_m_christ No. Idea. #
  • G'night! #
  • Hanging out at Starbucks with Tony, for a bit. Internet is still down at our house, and Facebook still isn't fairing too well anywhere else #
  • I don't play, but if I did, I'd totally rock the drums. Totally. #InMyDreams #
  • @nekogirl1 heh, me too =:p #
  • Internet has been out for 3 days now. Hubby's on the phone trying to get it fixed first thing this morning. #
  • These #DanceMoms commercials are the best. lol WOW #
  • Morning hangout… http://t.co/ThijGcur #

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