Week's Tweets for  2012-06-10

Tweets are in reverse order (start at the bottom, they make better sense that way)


  • Raining. I wanna see how bad it is out there. #
  • Y'know how in movies when someone's trapped & being pursued, how there's always a vent in the ceiling they crawl into and get away in? #
  • …. Well. Don't get stuck in a Starbucks bathroom, cuz that escape route ain't happenin'. I just checked. #
  • I have clearly had too much caffeine. I don't know why people WANT to have caffeine in their systems. It makes me shaky & uncoordinated. #
  • Apparently "shhhh" means "raise the roof". #
  • Love the way my kitten goes through partially open doors just so she can turn around, open them from the inside, to go out again #
  • Kinda wish my spell checker would STOP re-spelling the word "so" into the word "do". #WTF I've about had it with the incompetence of it. #
  • Oopsee. I can hear popcorn popping and ice cubes clanging… Sounds like hubby wants to watch a movie tonight! :) #
  • If I had the power of telekinesis, honestly, there'd be little reason to get out of bed. Ever. #
  • Gas station bananas. Best prices anywhere. #truestory #
  • @obobME =: / hope she did well, though #
  • @obobME congrats to your daughter! Silver is great! #

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