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Week's Tweets for  2012-06-17

Tweets are in reverse order (start at the bottom, they make better sense that way)


  • I just completed a General for 20:58 and 1.25 mi using @MapMyHike. http://t.co/rcfNuWDm #
  • <—- just said "hi" to Joan Benoit at Starbucks. She's wicked nice. So Stoked! #OlympicGreatness #
  • I just completed a General for 22:45 and 1.21 mi using @MapMyHike. Check out my route! http://t.co/RrCoRICP #
  • Kinda sorta love morning hikes with my husband. http://t.co/DrjVwNNA #
  • I just completed a General for 16:30 and 0.97 mi using @MapMyHike. Check out my route! http://t.co/3KosG2Hh #
  • Breakfast at the orchard on this beautiful morning with my loverly husband. #relaxing #takingitallin #
  • 201 is freshly tarred through Bowdoin #
  • Social Media Gurus… I need a <BULK >URL shortener service. Found a few, looking for more options. Help? #
  • These ASPCA commercials remind me I could never rescue animals. I don't have room for all the ones I know I'd want to take home with me. #
  • @NYFA didn't that lion kill its trainer the day after it was filmed for that MGM roar? Thought I read that somewhere. #
  • Apple Cider donuts …. oh how I've waited for you. #yum #
  • Bing integrated into automobiles? Really? It's *that* popular? *That* many people actually use it that it's a viable addition to vehicles? #
  • @eight6753oh9 me too #
  • @GirlOrangeCoat oh, that's interesting. I didn't know that. #

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