Missing Terra Nova

Week's Tweets for  2012-07-01

Tweets are in reverse order (start at the bottom, they make better sense that way)

  • @KatieRollins favorite scene so far. Your back seat expressions as the German guy starts telling you 2 how to drive the car. #laughing #
  • just finished watching @nolookpassmovie – incredibly moving. Captivating. Message and personalities shined. #courage @etay31 @KatieRollins #
  • Dehumidifiers were invented by angels. #
  • Falling Skies – glad it's still on, but missing Terra Nova =: / #
  • About to add popcorn to this night! #
  • Popcorn is popping. It's TV time with hubby. Been looking forward to this all day. #relaxing #
  • @abbelupe hey! LTNT (long time no tweet!) :) We're currently experiencing #moviefail – but popcorn was a success. Having a good nite I hope! #
  • @nekogirl1 #rawwwwrrrr :) #
  • @abbelupe movie night is working out tonight instead! :) How are things going? Busy-ness slowed down for ya? #
  • @abbelupe ack! =: / I suggest another trip to Merkaba sol to get your "ohm" on if you need some grounding. #
  • @abbelupe cats claw?? Not sure what to make of that there. =:p #
  • What interesting twists this day has presented. #

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