July 4th and Olympic Trials

Week's Tweets for  2012-07-08

Tweets are in reverse order (start at the bottom, they make better sense that way)

  • Olympic Trials – swimming and gymnastics. #yeah #
  • @ChrisSedenka I hear ya. Can't wait for Olympics either! #
  • Could really use a Starbucks boost this am. #
  • Looking forward to the less humid weather we've got scheduled this week. #
  • 4th of July family barbecue … looking forward to hanging with the fam! #
  • Playing "who can name this song the quickest!?" when songs start to play on the radio. Totally kicking butt right now. #
  • … although … Then we play the "who knows the most lyrics" after naming the song and… I am very much losing at this game. #
  • apparently, you can't buy a house I heaven. #
  • Alec Baldwin on Friends. Classic. I laugh almost as much as when I watch Will & Grace reruns he's on. @alecbaldwin @ABFalecbaldwin #
  • BBQ'ing Veggie style. Garden Burgers. Yum. I'm thinking … Quorn turkey burgers tomorrow. Ever had'em? #juicy #
  • <— is not a big fireworks fan. #
  • Looks like T-Storms are coming. Dinner's almost done cooking. #grilling #
  • There is a distinct difference between grilling and BBQ'ing. Thusly, I misspoke earlier. We're distinctly grilling. #schooled #
  • @ThatShapeAmI John Adams. My favorite. :) #
  • I just completed a General for 31:34 and 1.94 mi using @MapMyHike. Check out my route! http://t.co/w2ytaUgD #
  • @JLothian do you have a cold mask? That may help. Straight from the fridge. All he'll need is a cape to complete the superhero outfit. :) #
  • @JLothian yah, when my mask gets warm I use a baggy with ice, wrapped in something thin like paper towels. Good luck, hope he feels better. #
  • @DJNoRequest my fave are drivers from states where the left interstate lane is the "drive as fast OR slow as you dang well please" lane. #
  • @marquis66 what happened? Is it gonna make a great story? #
  • @DJNoRequest ack! lol – my, what a talent you have for "the descriptive". #kudos #
  • @JLothian oh…. mygosh… I KNOW! #
  • @Indiefilmgirl you too! #
  • @JLothian thank goodness state jobs are so hard to get fired from, eh? Nothing like incentive to do a good job. #
  • Americans talk the most on their devices? Pff – do NOT call me. I won't answer & I wont return your call. Wanna reach me? TEXT. #
  • @ECLamb I am soooo the opposite. Texting is the only way to reach me on my phone unless ur my husband, or select few extra special peeps. #
  • @marquis66 hahaha well, I'm sure it had to be a daring sort of walk. It'll go down in history… they'll write novels & screenplays about it #
  • @abfried yay! Congrats! #
  • @marquis66 MGH truck, huh? Maine Ghost Hunters! I love them! #blush – I'm a little biased though ;) We've come a long way in 4 years! #
  • What exactly *is* wallaby? #
  • @marquis66 biased b/c I started the group w/ my husband ;) can't help but love Maine Ghost Hunters. That crew is my true passion. #LOVEthem #
  • @marquis66 The MGH crew is pretty cool alright. Top-Notch in my book. These folks are an AMAZING bunch. SupportStaff & CoreMembers. #blessed #
  • Ice cream appetizer at 4:00. Pizza main course by 8:00. #
  • @KiwiBrit70 tell me about it. I've been on death's doorstep for the last 2 days. I think I may be coming out of it, finally. #fingerscrossed #
  • Summer Colds? The absolute worst. In winter, I'm ready. Let's do this. I get nuthin'. But summer? When I'm not even thinking abt it? Bam! #
  • @burnsy06 do it to it baby! #awesome #
  • @Joeandrasi93 back at ya Jo! #
  • @marquis66 cool, does it have a history? #
  • This stupid cold. Just when I think I'm getting over it. .. makes me wanna throw a temper tantrum. … but I don't have the energy. #argh #
  • @KiwiBrit70 back at ya. Take it easy. #
  • I wonder if singers hold the mic so close to their mouths during live shows to hide they're actually lip syncing. #TodayFridayOnThePlaza #
  • Some of these catfood commercials give me the impression there are cats eating better than less-fortunate people … I'll… Stop there. #
  • @PaulMakesMovies I just found a second one on ours yesterday. Busy little bees (wasps… You know what I mean). :) #

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