Leaning To One Side

Week's Tweets for  2012-07-29

Tweets are in reverse order (start at the bottom, they make better sense that way)


  • Wow, sleeping so much better during these milder nights. Oh. Yeah. #
  • @mtaeagle55 um. Your username is a little long. I'm gonna have to make up a mnemonic-song, while bopping my head to the tune to remember. #
  • Let's play Scramble With Friends. My username is 'KatMattack'. http://t.co/1A3p0If5 #GamesWithFriends #
  • … because most of the time … let's face it… I'm just plain confused. #
  • Is it possible to "jam" to new age music while one works? Why, Yes. Yes it is. #
  • It's morning. Case anyone was wondering. #
  • There's a house at our walking trail that's very much leaning to one side. Undeniably. It makes me uncomfortable. Ppl live in it, too! #
  • My husband is addicted to losing at Scrabble against me. It's downright #adorable – especially when he's really trying. #LoveThatManOfMine #
  • @mtaeagle55 my name is KatMattack – I can't figure this blasted thing out. #
  • @mtaeagle55 I started a draw game. It's been your move for 3 days. :) #
  • Blueberries are not my thing. Now, blueberry preserves, well, that's a whole other story. #
  • Errands run, breakfast had, STBX visited, … Let's get this day going! #

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