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Week's Tweets for  2012-09-09

Tweets are in reverse order (start at the bottom, they make better sense that way)


  • Hey. Jerkwad-cash-out line cutter w/ TWO carts of crap to our 3 items. Make my day & I'll make urs. Congrats ur famous #
  • Encore shot of this 2-carts-of-crap line cutting meany. Apparently, in Mexico, it's cut-throat line-holding at stores #
  • I wonder what it's like to tweet and have no one respond to anything you say. Ever. #weird #boring #
  • weird that i see responses to my tweets on my phone, but not on my tweetdeck desktop. #hm #
  • hm. Still no sign of those tweets that were responded to earlier… I saw them come up on my phone though. Can't find them on my desktop. #
  • @eight6753oh9 do you see tweets sent to you, right away? #
  • @CELeighton I know, me too! They are lost, I still don't see them. #
  • Eggs are in the house. Brownie making may begin. #
  • @eight6753oh9 oh. Well then. Mine notifies right away. No sounds, but it shows up on my screen. #
  • @eight6753oh9 phone. Still don't see on desktop. Something's wrong there. #
  • @eight6753oh9 doesn't do anything to my battery. Weird. #
  • @eight6753oh9 just twitter. Straight up twitter app #
  • @storyschool thanks for the #FF StorySchool! You West Coasters Rule! Have a great day. :) #
  • watching 'Conan' starring fellow #ConyAlumni … Far better than I thought it was going to be. Great Job @RachelNichols1 #
  • @SeanAstin history… I love History. Did you have a concentration in History? #
  • So. Tired. Spent too much time reviewing audio from last night's 4 hour gig in a dusty-insulation filled room closed since the 50's. #ugh #
  • Windy out! Hubby saw a tree branch take out 2 power lines & blow up rt196 for a few spectacular seconds. #lightshow #YAYY! #lostpower #booo #

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