Cross Eyed

Week's Tweets for  2012-09-16

Tweets are in reverse order (start at the bottom, they make better sense that way)


  • @CELeighton nope, not so far. First review is the most superficial. Will dig deeper next round which will likely start tomorrow. #
  • I get followed by the strangest twitter folk #
  • #YouCantBeInARelationshipWithMe if you drink, smoke, do illegal drugs, lie, cheat, swear without concern for your audience, pee in public… #
  • Y'know what I think? I think there are too many ppl in this world giving themselves permission to forget their "mistakes" & "move on". #
  • I think if these people are so wise about "forgetting & moving on" they'd realize that is a NOVEL concept, not a regularly practiced mantra. #
  • Do 1 thing to screw up your own life, or someone else's? Ok, yah. That's life. 2x? Well, that's life too. But over & over again? #notsomuch #
  • This political season has me cross-eyed. Again. I'm not surprised. I'm just saying. #
  • If I had a robot it would be mowing the grass right now, even though it's raining. Because my robot would be awesome, and could do anything. #
  • It is my belief that only Fantasy Baseball could make *watching* baseball games more exciting than watching paint peel. #
  • My Autocorrect continues to turn 'SO' into 'DO' even tho I've told it to stop, at least a dozen times. I must not be screaming loudly enuf. #
  • #YouCantBeInARelationshipWithMe if you drive like a maniac. Or, as I like to call it, "an inconsiderate moron". #
  • Dead Serious – think abt this statement & apply it. See if it's #truth for u too. "You can tell a LOT about a person by the way they drive". #
  • Personality/Character traits speak loudest to me when I see someone behind the wheel of a vehicle. That's when they are who they really are. #
  • I look at Band Names sometimes and I think… Wow, trying a little hard to make an impression, huh? #
  • @Teekoal lol ! I love it! =:p hey, I just don't like t'kiss dirty mouths. What can I say? =:p (thank for the chuckle!) #
  • At this stage in my life I'd have to say I'm #spiritual not religious. However, I think being religious taught me a bit abt being spiritual. #
  • I didn't tie my sneaks this morning. Now Y'know. #
  • @karenwink Roswell. Yes! #
  • Am I the only person who gets sad when the weather report tells us an impending hurricane is going to miss us here in Maine? #
  • @CELeighton :) #
  • Can't wait to get home. I have SO much to do! #
  • Orchard-Bound #
  • 1 of America's Saddest days. #falseflag May we all remember & honor the victims of 9-11 & be completely pi$$ed it ever happened #loosechange #
  • @tinaburnell is Hootsuite like TweetDeck used to be? I didn't like it, used TweetDeck, but TD doesn't work anymore. #
  • @alexsteed *chuckle* #
  • @CathyConley1 congrats! #
  • @tdawn414 great, busy! You? #
  • Ok.There's a wee bit too much over sharing going on in my "inner circle" of friends/family. Tooooo much.The innernet isn't always anonymous! #
  • I'm tired, but my lamp pull cord thingy is wayyyyy over there. #
  • If I'd practiced telekinesis more growing up I could probably turn off my light by just blinking my eyes at it, by now. #CouldaShouldaWoulda #
  • :) #
  • my husband is currently installing a technological masterpiece I am sure to NEVER know how to "work". #great #

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