We Need a Fire Extinguisher

Week's Tweets for  2012-09-23

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  • At Home Depot.

    Me: oh! We need a fire extinguisher.

    DH: Why?

    Me: b/c I keep setting the kitchen on fire??

    DH: Oh. Right. Yes. We do. #

  • @GriffinClubMerv I feel that! I used to FF and Monday/Thursday games wrecked my week. #
  • @GriffinClubMerv hahaha agreed! Especially when it's your kicker or tight end (if you have one) that's on an off-night. #
  • My pants keep falling down-ish. I haven't determined if this is a good thing, or a bad thing, yet. #
  • Watching #LooseChange again at the request of DH. Once is enuf. #pissed #conspiracytheorylives #9 11truthmovementlives #911conspiracytheory #
  • #WTC7 what secrets did you take with you … #911conspiracytheory #911truthmovementlives #
  • Gotta sleep w/ the windows open on nites like last nite. Can't believe I denied us the cold, crisp, loveliness of 40 degree sleeping weather #
  • Looks like I'm getting another iPhone hand-me-down. … Maybe I should remind him I was the oldest child. I don't *do* hand-me-downs. #new #
  • “@92Moose: Tonight's the night Maine Senator Olympia Snowe will be on the season premiere of ‘Parks & Recreation.‘ http://t.co/1CrEXNQ5” #
  • Hubby wanted to buy BlueRay movies to play on the new TV. I … am not so much a fan of buying new movies. #meh #
  • w00t w00t for newly tarred cracked up and warped country roads! 197 is purdy :) #
  • Waiting for news on whether we're making the drive to adopt a kitten. I hate waiting. Especially when it involves a cute little kitten. #
  • The popcorn is a-poppin' #
  • Kotton just puked… dangerously close to my shoes. #phew #
  • It's gonna be a bittersweet moment when we get to use this nifty shower drain de-clogger. NeverTheLess, I'm ready. Bring on the hairballs! #
  • Mandatory seatbelt laws for pets, yet gassing, euthanizing healthy animals, & legally outrageous breeding practices are all legal. #wow #hm #
  • I would think one of the worst things about being a true "celebrity" would be the consequences that come from expressing your opinion. #
  • Waking up slowly this morning #
  • Y'know what takes longer than waiting for the iPhone camera app to load, as that perfect photo moment slips away incredibly slowly? NOTHING #
  • Waitresses at breakfast had to check out hubby's new iPhone 5. http://t.co/ZCEsa2B0 #
  • Ok. Immana say it out loud. I'm having a kah-rappy mood morning. That's right. kah-rappy. #
  • #celebritythatiwanttomeet – #spielberg #poltergeist #lindablair #excorcist #jamesbrolin #amityvillehorror #beyondbelief #maineghosthunters #
  • Dear Butter Pats in individually wrapped plastic containers. The environment thanks you. #wasteful #single-use #
  • Apparently we're playing "naughty word scrabble". … This was not made clear to me when the game started. #
  • My crepes came cold. #awesome #
  • My family heritage is quite French. My generation is the first not to speak it fluently. Expectations aren't high for crepes. Anywhere. #
  • 2 words. Star. Bucks. #
  • I absolutely loathe clothes shopping. So. I'm about to loathe myself into this department store, and out, as fast as humanly possible. #
  • @amanda_pants hahaha it's going to be my saving grace this AM #
  • Well that didn't take long. #
  • Is it just me or are jeans getting thinner by the year. Jeans used to be so flippin' *thick* Now they're super thin AND sold w/ rips & holes #
  • Today's forecast is brought to you by: the iPhone weather app. Expect a low of 53, Highs in the lower 60's, with rain falling from the sun. #
  • I haven't seen this much road kill, all over, in a long time. #weird #
  • One of the most confusing & morally challenging decisions made on the fly. To stop at the yellow light, or speed up to beat it turning red. #
  • Department store #2 I really… Despise you. I hope you're ready to please. #
  • @CELeighton oh no, decided "yes", but still waiting on when the rescue will be available for us to make the 3 hour drive out there. #longday #
  • I've never tried instagram. I'm thinking I should. #
  • @CELeighton just got word! May have set a time to meet him! So excited! #perfecttiming #
  • Today's the kind of day if I didn't tell myself to get stuff done I'd accomplish nothing. Not a darned tootin' thing. #
  • One can almost always tell where I perched myself to watch a movie whilst munching popcorn. I'll leave it to your imagination as to why. #
  • My inner voice just told me to get off twitter and … "get stuff done". See? See what I mean? #
  • Y'know what ticks me the heck off? People who waste time when it affects me. It's a total #PetPeeve of mine. #

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