FCPX pains

Week's Tweets for  2012-10-07

Tweets are in reverse order (start at the bottom, they make better sense that way)


  • Popcorn, good movie, Kool aid… Baby kitten… Comfy couch. #
  • There are no accidents. Only course corrections. There are no coincidences. Only things that were meant to be. #
  • Watching Biblical History on the Military Channel. ? . #mhm #WhoDaThunkIt #
  • @CELeighton i must have said "this is the military channel?" 6 times in the last hour. Having a hard time convincing myself. =:p #
  • It's morning. #
  • People who break the rules every time they think they can get away with it are a challenge to me. #UNDERSTATEMENT #
  • Well. This morning is off to a good start. #
  • FCPX you can be a pain in my rump! #
  • Lost a project file, but DH found a way to fix it. #ThankGoodness #FCPX #
  • Turning out to be a better morning than I anticipated. #Relieved #BigPictureGoodness #
  • Rendering. How I loathe how long you make me wait… with nothing to do but anticipate… and tweet. #sigh #
  • Bedroom smells like summer. #Weird #
  • 3 giant ugly spiders in the last hour. If I see one more today I may consider abandoning this house altogether. #
  • Fact: there are NO headphones strong enough to mute the power of "the wife". #
  • Bazinga #
  • Every single one of my aching muscles is up. I do not want to be, yet here I am. Up. Lets this gawd forsaken day begin. #
  • @C_Mast I hear that. #
  • @DanaMoos morning Dana :) #
  • Respect is earned, not deserved. It's that simple. #
  • The outside sounds so quiet and peaceful. I just love it. #
  • Oh yes. The 'quick phone call' that lasts 25 minutes. Right. #
  • Stepson has a cold. I – do not want a cold. #
  • @johnolore hahaha well that was easy! ;) #

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