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Week's Tweets for  2012-10-14

Tweets are in reverse order (start at the bottom, they make better sense that way)


  • Watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel last night and really enjoyed it. Would recommend #
  • It's another beautiful morning in Maine. I love autumn! #
  • Black clouds can be seen from highway.. Wondering if there's a fire in Topsham. #
  • Correction. Giant black plumes of smoke streaming towards the sky … off in Bowdoin. Hope everyone's ok. #
  • Neighbor had a burn pile yesterday that was Mega-Huge. Drove by this am & it was teeny tiny but smoking. Wondered if he was up all nite #hm #
  • Incidentally, the black smoke is over in that area we thought we saw a UFO the other night. Turned out… it wasn't. Fun ride though! #
  • I absolutely love William Carlos Williams. I wonder if there's an auto tweeter for his poetry quotes, like Walt Whitman and others… #
  • @Potterchik it's so mild out down here in Bowdoinham & Topsham. No jacket. #beautiful #
  • Y'know what bugs me? When one person uses their parenting style as part of an argument when disagreeing with someone. It irritates me. #
  • @EJStevensAuthor morning! #
  • I try not to think about what's in artificial flavorings, and foods that have preservatives. #
  • Queen of Hearts is playing… does this song ever get old? No. No it does not. #
  • Heard about another divorce today. A Couple with really young kids… Reminds me how much I appreciate my marriage. #sad #
  • Marriage is as much hard work as it is a commitment. Easier said than done sometimes, unfortunately. No judgment. #
  • Been with DH 16 years now. Time does fly. #
  • I love the Worcester mill complex. So beautiful. Too bad I'm always driving by it 70mph. #
  • My cell phone's gonna die. #hmph #
  • DH's new boy toy? http://t.co/wziD28IG #
  • Car dealer's waiting area is brutal. =: | NOT. I think I may wanna just live here. http://t.co/FJZCrLxR #
  • There's no other purpose for this photo than to hear my husband laughing so hard he can't breath. http://t.co/cX2d74NU #
  • @CELeighton lol DH is looking at a Camaro. He's been eyeing the RS models but I think I talked him into being reasonable. SS it is! =; > heh #
  • @CELeighton honestly, it feels like a coffin inside but he's been a Camaro man since the day I met him. So 'fun' will be had, guaranteed! #
  • Dear Jets. It's a better experience for the viewers if you play defense a little. #
  • Watching Rock of Ages – I'm likin' what I'm seein'! @ABFalecbaldwin #

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