It’s all about “thinking”.

Trying to keep things on the up and up today but my blog is challenging every bit of good nature I've had to offer.   I'll be glad when there comes a day I can talk to my computer and tell it what I want it to do, and it just … does it.   Actually… that's not true.  That's not true at all.  If there ever comes a day I can talk to my computer and tell it what I want it to do, and it does it, I'll head for the hills.  It's that part of my essence that makes me think I'm a reincarnated soul and not enough time passed between my last life, and this one.  Not enough time that allows me to appreciate, rather than fear, certain advances in technology.  

It occurred to me that I haven't made a "list of random thoughts" in a while.  So I figured, "why not?"  Here goes:


  • I watched another TV show about the sinking of the Titanic today, and through all the devastation, death, tragic decisions, and personally testified statements which were reinacted, the only thing I got out of the program was -  Bill Paxton has an absolutely horrible voice over personality.  Like – bad.  Epically bad.  Doesn't that man have an agent?  Either he's not listening to his agent's sound advice, or his agent needs to be fired.
  • My husband is currently drooling over a car he wants and trying to redirect his attention to something more practical in his life isn't … exactly …. working.
  • I'm sitting in Starbucks right now and I've gotta say; it's the local hangout for cute little old ladies who are clearly celebrating "girl time".  Pretty cool.  Also.  It's damn freezing in here.  I can hardly feel my fingers while typing.  
  • People in America are building castles.  Why this isn't a bigger deal than it is, is beyond me.   Also.  I want a castle.  And a dragon. 
  • I was gone for a few weeks and when I got back I learned a young star from a really successful TV show had died because of something they did to themselves (improper grammar.  I apologize)   Every time something like this happens it makes me think about the whole industry of "Hollywood"… it makes me sad.  All around.  It makes me sad.  People can't wait to become the envy of droves of people they've never met, yet they clearly live to impress these strangers… and then they let the entire experience destroy them.  It's a depressing state of affairs, and I'm not sure how else to express myself about it right now.   It just wrecks me, to a degree, so I had to mention it.
  • Listening to 80's Guns-N-Roses and Def Leppard and just about every time I turn the tunes on I think … how could they be SO incredibly awesome at 1 point in their careers, and tank so definitively for the rest of their lives?   It's weird.
  • … then I get to thinking about that story of that guy who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for becoming one of the hottest music stars of his time.  Not sure of the specifics, but damn… that guy probably should have thought that through a little bit.   Never sign on the dotted line without giving it a little thought, huh?
  • I lost a TON of my blog entries somewhere along the way, and the gap is incredibly noticeable.  I'm still losing sleep over it.  I write when the mood strikes me.  Honestly, it's not all that often, but when I do I kinda like to NOT lose what I wrote.  This blog doesn't agree.
  • There's a little old lady living inside of my head… I fear it's the the little old lady I'm destined to mature into.  She's got a potty mouth, and I'll tell ya something, when things don't work as they should (mostly ANYTHING to do with technology) she lashes out with —-> "this piece of sh*t  ________".  Always.  Never fails.   I could be standing in front of the Pope and if I'm holding anything remotely technological, and it doesn't 'work the way I want it to', OUT she'll come  -  "This … piece of sh*t  ______ " .  It's embarrassing and liberating at the same exact time.  I have a feeling I'll be that "old lady" who sits in a rocker on my front porch, rocking away, talking to myself… swearing about how "sh*t" doesn't work like it should and how we'd all be so much better off if technology would just die.   But … for now… I'm married to a total uber geek, and so I have to deal.  Trust me, he knows "sh*t's about t'go down" with me and whatever technology based device I'm using craps out when I start saying, under my breath, "this piece of sh*t ______ ".  He comes'uh'runnin' and makes things all better, before someone gets hurt.   It's one of my Life's Truths.  I'm not saying it's who I am.  I'm just saying … it's what I do.
  • Some days I feel like writing more than others.
  • I'm the luckiest …. most blessed person … you'll ever met.  It's true.  I'm surprised people who know me don't wanna rub my head (more often) to catch some of the goodness I've been blessed with in this life. 
  • I do NOT, absolutely and without second thought, believe in Karma.  Under … … just about …any circumstance(s).   What comes around goes around?  Maybe. But Karma?  No.  I don't fully vest in this concept.  Nature is all about balance.  I'll agree to that.  But people getting what they deserve because of wronging others, by means of a force of spirituality designed to hand out the retribution "offensive" people deserve?  No.  I think it's an overwhelmingly convenient philosophy to have about people who wrong other people (or ourselves).   People may get what they have coming to them, but it's not because of "Karma".  It also bugs me that "Karma" is a Buddhist concept, and too many people conveniently forget that fact while reveling in the notion that it has acted on their behalf and in their best interests.   The truth is more likely that bad things happen to people who have wronged you, or others, because they undid themselves with self-destructive behavior patterns.  And … wishing that "Karma" take its toll on someone is wishing someone the ill will you feel you received from them.   There's a yin and yang to every story, including our own.  Nature doesn't play favorites.
  • I've recently taken to associating my private name with my public persona – something I've tried very hard to keep separate over the years.  However, I've taken part in a project that'll likely expose both are connected and I have no control over how my public and private profiles are publicized … because I'm not in control of … any of that … which …. honestly sucks… hardcore … because I appreciate my privacy, but what can I do.  What can I do.  I figure I'll release the connection of the two on my own terms rather than the alternative, and go from there. 
  • TV shows I'm currently addicted to:   Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Falling Skies, Revolution, Big Bang Theory
  • TV shows I don't watch (at least not on purpose), EVER, which just about everyone I meet is certain are part of my TV-watching repertoire:  GHOST Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab, Paranormal State…
  • Just had an experience that made me say "I can't believe the ignorance of some people."  It's like they don't even try.  I mean.  Ignorance.  When someone is there, trying to educate you on your misunderstanding of something and you tell them you're basing the decisions of your actions on the malady of information that is your close-minded life experience, to this point … I have little more than pity for you.   I also strain not to remind you that our government has, in almost every town across America, a free book lending system in place.  It's called "the local library".  Visit it.   PLEASE.  Visit it. 
  • "It's a give and take world. Sometimes you give a little…sometimes you give a lot…sometimes you give everything you've got."  Stephen King


That's me, for today.  


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