a reflection of guarded truth, seeking legacy with perfect imbalance
missing time made whole with the virtues of another life
addled by emotion’s punch-drunk fit for “quest” and “pursuit”
the secret breathes in the shadows where “glimpse” and “question” taunt the naked wanderer

honesty feigns reason while desire burns at the gates of Elysian Fields
sucking life out of reflected wonder
the hunger of empty eyes starving in the wait for the mirror to feed
yearning cannot draw the lines of the caricature and
bloodlust isn’t enough to soothe the ragings of want

for the pilgrim’s gaze to pierce the veil of ancestry
is to demand the journey lived epic and died young
having thrived lifetime upon lifetime
until the silence between moments told all that was needed to be told
all that was needed to be known
all that was needed to be owned

elusion games the seeker without choice
locked by weakness in the presence of the familiar stranger
illusion fills the void of unknowns
the past lives where the future breathes and
the present carries the burden


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