About Planet YahYah

Just a few things you might want to know about Planet YahYah:

First of all, if you landed here by accident – it's your lucky day.  You can believe it. It's ok. It's not weird. I promise.

Secondly, this is my personal blog.  I don't blog on any 1 thing in particular, but you'll probably notice certain trends in my thinking during extended periods of time.  I tend to get into a subject, and if I like it I really dig my heels in.  It's how I am with most things in life.

Despite putting a bunch of things about myself online in various places, and keeping those social networking & social media presences of mine open to the public, I'm actually a pretty private person.  You won't find any "sensitive" information attached to anything of importance  released publicly.  I've been on some nationally televised TV shows, here and there, over the years, I'm also involved in some media production on a smaller scale here in Maine, and all of that can occasionally draw people to my personal accounts, online.  You can see links to some of my media involvements, in different places, dotted throughout Planet YahYah.  It really is because of these involvements that I keep my social media accounts open to the public. This way I'm not hurting anyone's feelings by telling them I only accept friend requests by people I know, or have met or worked with, in person. 

While I'm pretty … wordy … in my other online presences, I tend to keep my thoughts there shorter than I would on something like a personal blog – hence, Planet YahYah. I used to blog on a platform that closed roughly 8 years ago, or so, with a bunch of people who ported over to Facebook with me when it shut down.  I missed having a place to just ramble-on about anything, and nothing in particular, and with no specific audience.  I know most people loathe the thought of writing, but it's not something I really think about in that way. 

Although I do encourage comments and responses to my postings, I'm oftentimes forced to shut that option off for various reasons.  If you run your own personal blog you can probably identify those reasons pretty immediately.

So, what you're likely to find here at Planet YahYah?

  • Original writings
  • Original thoughts, ideas, philosophical musings
  • Original poetry
  • Original photography
  • Shameless self promotion for whatever I'm involved with at any given time
  • … and things along those lines


While this is my personal blog, and I maintain the bulk of its existence, I do have to give a shout-out to my husband.  He keeps my blog running 24/7, in every way imaginable.  He's extremely adept with all things "coding", and a ton of internet techy subjects that fall well outside his realm of responsibility.  He's worked for start-ups, UNUM, Microsoft, and a few other national names you'd likely recognize, so I'm super lucky to have him as my webmaster.  I love knowing the same person who's held titles like "CIO", "CTO", "Director of Worldwide Operations", and "Vice President"  …. is my 'web guy'. He's really quite amazing.  Just one of the billion trillion reasons I love him.

If you have any questions, comments, or you need to reach me personally you can always e-mail me at yahyah  @  planetyahyah . com  (take out the spaces).