New blog site coming…

You may have noticed I haven't been updating my blog … at all … for the past few years.  

I feel like my life is on Facebook – or, at least the parts I'm comfortable telling the world about, anyway.  (Don't worry… there are plenty of secrets still left to discover should we ever meet in person)  The truth is, I used to blog on the daily, at least once, on numerous personal blog sites, but because of Facebook, they all went the way of the Twinkie many, many, years ago.   What?  That's a good analogy, right?  I stopped for a few months and then started again… ?  Just like the Twi- I know you get what I mean, don't make me explain it…  So this site, which used to be called "Planet YahYah: Chronicles" is the last of them all.  The platforms the others were hosted on closed, and since this is on my own domain, I decided to let it be.  Kind of abandoned?  But I still checked in on it from time to time to make sure it was still operating as expected.  So if I ever found my next favorite WordPress theme… something I'll fall in love with and convince my husband I just can't live without (so he'll install it for me)… I could just replace this working (outdated) blog with the new one, and hit the ground running. 

I'm active on other social media platforms like Facebook, where I maintain a large number of pages, and even a few groups – Twitter, where I maintain 3 regular accounts and a few other not-so-regular accounts, a few YouTube pages, and … well… you can probably imagine why I never seem to have the time to write my own things on my own blog site – an outlet I've been missing for … a long, long time now.   (I really need to find a WordPress theme that strikes my fancy!)

As for now, I invite you check out my personal facebook account and even my Twitter account.  There are many things I post on one, or the other, but rarely ever post the same things on both.  The content between them is … pretty different.

And, if you have any super cool looking WordPress Themes (that aren't full screen layouts) you think I might like, hit me up.  E-mail me at YahYah @ PlanetYahYah . com .  Take out the spaces and work your magic.

For now… I'm out.



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