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I’m not sure how I should start this blog entry but, I have this fascination with the subject of “consciousness”.  I’ve been a lucid dreamer my entire life, partly because I’m a light sleeper, partly because my standard sleeping pattern is something I imagine super interesting sleep studies are written about, and maybe partly because – for much of my adult life – I’ve shared my house with a bunch of cats.  Cats who do all their sleeping in the middle of the day and all their incessantly loud-mouthed wailing smack dab in the middle of the night.  For me, sleeping straight through any given night just isn’t a “thing” around here.   I don’t really mind it though, because as I’ve already mentioned, I have some of the coolest dreams.  In addition to extremely vivid normal dreams, multiple times every night, I lucid dream fairly regularly, which led me to a more deeply engrossed interest in the study of “consciousness”.  

I’d had a small number of “accidental” out of body experiences in the past, but I attempted to convince myself they were extremely vivid lucid dreams, or of some weird brain ‘thing’ I was surely never going to fully grasp. I mean, how many times have any of us had Deja Vu?  I’ve had it so many times in my life it’s actually quite incredible.  But I never talked about it out loud because “science”, from what I knew, had defined it as … some abnormality in brain function … and I was pretty sure my brain always worked fine otherwise. So I didn’t really see the need to start telling people, inadvertently, “oh yah, my brain totally doesn’t work right” by mentioning “I feel like I’ve been here before” or “I’ve done this before”. More curiously than that – “I know I’ve been here before because I can tell you what’s around the corner” and “I know I’ve been in this moment before because I can tell you what’s going to happen next, and then after that, and then after that…”  I mean, that’s different, isn’t it?  I can’t be the only person who sees a clear difference between “the left half of your brain is processing information slower than the right half during these moments you perceive to be ’Deja Vu’” and “I can tell you what’s behind that wall even though I can’t see it, and I can tell you what this person is going to do, and then what the next person is going to do, and then that other person? I can tell you what they’re going to do in response to these first 2 people…”   How can someone with a malfunctioning brain know information that isn’t available yet, to anyone, because the events or circumstances haven’t been presented up to these points?  I think it’s hard to determine, in real life terms, how someone’s brain is actually, realistically, behaving.  So we call it a brain processing issue, because it’s not “normal” behavior, and let science define our personal life experiences. I’m no student of the brain, so they must be right and I must be confused about what happened when I thought, for sure, I was experiencing something for the 2nd time, even though it’s clearly only the first.  Authentic? I thought so, but still weird.  However, given my deepest respect for everything the word “science” stands for, I never questioned it in my younger years.  I kept these instances of Deja Vu to myself. The older I got, and the more life experience I got, and the more “sciencey” I got, myself, the more I started to call ‘bullshit’ on some of these claims that were determining certain experiences to be bunk.  I started to realize that sometimes – heck, a lot of times – these studies amount to little more than bunk results.  Who’d have thunk it?  Definitely not me.  If the experiences of the world’s populations could be studied in a black box we’d have solved the mysteries of the universe by now.  And if there was enough money involved to pay researchers to do it, these mysteries would have been studied at length, indefinitely.  But neither of those scenarios are the case.  In short – Deja Vu is a real thing.  I’m not sure where neuro science stands on the issue, but I can tell you where I do.    

As far as Astral Projection – I won’t get into the details right now, but it turns out they were legit experiences, and they caused me to dive head first into the study of consciousness. This led me to discover a whole range of studies which fall under the umbrella term of “consciousness”, and allowed me to see that the subject is more than a mere curiosity.  For some people, it’s become a lifelong pursuit they’ve staked their reputations on.  These people have literally taken on science in the quest for confirming the validity of the subject known as “consciousness”.  Sometimes, the same people who helped build, and sustain, the wall of intolerance against those who dared to speak of ‘consciousness’ in the presence of ‘science’ had personal life experiences which put them on the opposite side of that very same barricade.  I find these the most interesting of all cases I’ve been exposed to, so far.  And I’ll be honest, I have so much more to learn about the topic of consciousness.  It’s an incredibly deep subject with so many branches of study, it’s hard for me to decide to which one I’m most drawn.  

For now, I’ll bring this blog entry to a close.  If I’ve opened up comments and if you have a thought you’d like to share, have at it.  If I haven’t yet, but you still have a thought you’d like to share, send me an e-mail at yahyah @ planetyahyah . com .  (Take out the spaces)

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